2019 Organizing Committee

Bethany Chan

Gwen Wong

Athena Tia

Rajesh Soni

Naina Grewal

Alice Joel

Charn Nanray

Deborah Dumagpi

Katy Peng

Sarah Lee

Caroline Iu

Ashley Chan

Tiffany Fong

Joy Marlinga

Ruben Gomez-Garcia

Ricky Au

Sophia Sato

Phuong Mai

Chelsea Schmidt


Co-Chair Internal
Expected Graduation 2020

My favourite thing about JDC West is its strong sense of community. Every delegate must contribute the same amount to their school’s success and that mentality and environment are what brings me back every year!


Co-Chair External
Expected Graduation 2020

The passion and dedication that the delegates bring to the competition. The community coming together to celebrate each other. The dedication that delegates have to the competition and for each other.


Vice President of Academics
Graduated 2016

The Community – JDCW has this magical ability to bring people and teams together.


Director of Academics
Graduated 2016

The best thing about JDC West is the community, everyone comes together for a common goal and wishes each other to do their best.


Director of Academics
Graduated 2016

JDC West is all about the development. How can we go beyond profits while embracing diversity and achieving excellence? It’s about inspiring innovation from each other while fueling productivity. We live in a world of opportunities where we have the ability to empower new beginnings and shape our tomorrows while leaving a lasting impact for ourselves, each other, and the community.


Vice President of Athletics
Graduated 2018

The spirit of JDC West is unlike any other. The passion, camaraderie, commitment to each other as a team and as competitors is incredible to witness and truly difficult to put into words. There isn’t just one best part – JDC West itself is the best part. It was one of the most unforgettable experiences as part of my undergrad that shaped who I am today.


Director of Athletics
Graduated 2017

The camaraderie you build with your teammates, captains, coaches and all the other delegates is what I love most about JDC West. It is an experience only understood by someone else who has also been through it. Meaning the relationships and memories you built with the people you’ve worked 9+ months with last a life time.


Vice President of Communications
Expected Graduation 2019

Gala night is amazing — there’s something about the magic of being there at the end of a long weekend. It’s always a joy to see the euphoria upon the winners’ faces, and it’s so heartwarming to see everyone coming together as a team one final time.


Vice President of Corporate Relations
Graduated 2018

I love the energy. I’ve always heard about the competition from friends and peers but attending this event first hand really put it into perspective. Everyone brings their A game to the weekend and it’s a definitely a WOW experience!


Vice President of Corporate Relations
Graduated 2016

The JDC West experience brings everyone together in such a unique way, unlike any other university experience, it creates such a community for those all across Western Canada.


Director of Corporate Relations
Expected Graduation 2021

JDC West allows business schools all over Western Canada to gather and compete. With endless cheers and events happening simultaneously over the weekend, it certainly brings out the energy in everybody and elevates the overall atmosphere. In the end, you are able to foster friendships amongst each other.


Vice President of Debate
Graduated 2015

The best part of JDC West is having the chance to make friends with individuals not only from your own university, but from universities all across Western Canada


Director of Debate
Graduated 2018

JDC West has a culture of cheering others on before yourself. The power of teamwork is an essential element of the competition – both for delegates and behind the scenes for organizers. Priding oneself in others’ success and the spirit of togetherness at JDCW is unmatchable.


Vice President of Events
Graduated 2018

As an OC member, it’s the amazing people and friends you get to work with. As a previous competitor, I wanted to give back to a community that was integral to my academic development.


Director of Events
Expected Graduation 2019

I like the camaraderie of JDC West, and how it brings together schools alike from across Canada for a fierce but friendly competition. Everlasting memories and friendships are made from within and across schools.


Vice President of Financial Audit
Graduated 2016

My favourite moment is the team meeting right before Gala. JDC West is known for its community and the relationships it has fostered. Planning and training for JDC West are not easy by any stretch of the imagination and each team has dedicated countless hours which culminated in the weekend which has just passed. At the team meeting, you have the opportunity to discuss the weekend, laugh about funny moments, cry over difficulties, hug as a team, or spend the time as best your team knows how. This is a moment to celebrate the culture, community, and family you have become part of, it is a pure JDC West moment.


Vice President of Financial Operations
Expected Graudation 2020

I really love the openness and desire to celebrate people! I’ve never been part of JDC West, so I was very unfamiliar with the culture. It was at first daunting to join an already functioning OC, but the OC was so welcoming during our team retreat that I knew I was in a good place. The attitude, care, and time that is put into each one of us are what keeps me here.


Vice President of Gala
Graduated 2016

I find the camaraderie of JDC West, whether it be the dedication of competing teams putting in hours to prepare for the competition or the commitment of the captains to give their delegation the best experience possible, to be truly inspirational.


Vice President of Hotel Relations
Graduated 2018

I like how JDC West brings together such a diverse group of students from across Western Canada. It’s amazing to see how much pride that everyone has for their team and fellow competitors.


Vice President of Human Resources
Graduated 2018

I love the sense of community and camaraderie that JDC West instills in its delegates, alumni, and support groups. Through team training, meetings, socials, and volunteer events, there is no other competition that will bring you closer to 49 other individuals.


Director of Human Resources
Expected Graduation 2021

I love how JDC West brings people together. Whether it be our OC, the competing teams, observers or volunteers, JDC West helps create a community of people who are passionate about the work that they’re doing and build a strong support network.


Director of Human Resources
Expected Graduation 2021

I love how JDC West provides the opportunity for business students across Western Canada to come together and share what they are passionate about. Although I have never been a part of JDC West before, I can tell that the culture is extremely supportive and welcoming!


Vice President of Internal
Expected Graduation 2020

One of the highlights of my undergraduate career has been the opportunities to connect with students from other post-secondary institutions through student-run events and initiatives. I love that JDC West connects so many students from schools across Western Canada to have a shared experience and spirit that goes beyond the competition weekend.


Vice President of Information Technology
Expected Graduation 2019

What I like best about JDC West is the energy and passion that everyone brings to the competition. There is a great sense of community and an opportunity to interact with students from different schools.


Vice President of Logistics
Graduated 2017

My favourite thing is the sense of community. This is my first year being involved with JDC West and I felt very welcomed to the big family since day one. Everyone works with such passion and it is very motivating to be with such amazing individuals.


Director of Logistics
Graduated 2017

My favourite thing is the sense of community. This is my first year being involved with JDC West and I felt very welcomed to the big family since day one. Everyone works with such passion and it is very motivating to be with such amazing individuals.


Director of Risk & Compliance
Expected Graduation 2020

My favourite thing is the sense of community. This is my first year being involved with JDC West and I felt very welcomed to the big family since day one. Everyone works with such passion and it is very motivating to be with such amazing individuals.


Vice President of Marketing
Expected Graduation 2019

JDC West is such a unique experience that is really all experiencing, experimenting, and learning. You experience the different cultures across the schools, the joys of meeting new people. You experiment with things and challenges that you’ve never faced before, uncertain if your answer is right but you press forward regardless. And you learn, taking that knowledge back and injecting into your daily life. That’s what makes JDC West so unique. 


Vice President of Social
Expected Graduation 2021

I love JDC West because it gives you the chance to meet other like-minded and driven people who are also studying the same thing as you are. JDC West is awesome because it allows you to learn more about yourself and grow as a person. You will leave this competition with friendships and memories that will last forever!


Director of Social
Expected Graduation 2020

The friendships and memories made over that magical weekend every year are what I like best at JDC West. Truly makes for a unique experience.


Social Senior Advisor
Graduated in 2017

Chelsea tried out for JDC West Social in her second year at SFU as her first foray into student engagement and she loved it! It was the people she met along the way and the fun she had at the competition that brought her back to compete a second time as a Social competitor (this time placing third). This year she is assisting as a senior advisor in hopes of giving the upcoming Sochies an equally memorable experience!