Corporate Showcase
JDC West 2020

January 18 + 19, 2020
Kinesiology Building, University of Regina

Corporate Showcase is the main event personally connecting delegates with sponsors and local organizations. This trade-show style event is the perfect opportunity for organizations to interact one-on-one with all 650+ delegates throughout the competition weekend. Participants/exhibitors can use this opportunity for recruitment purposes, company and brand awareness, community engagement and more. The event is also not only appreciated by the delegates, but also extremely beneficial for professional development and mentorship/networking purposes.

It is important to note that Corporate Showcase will be in an ideal location at the University of Regina in the hallway between Athletics and Case Rooms, ensuring the delegates are given ample opportunity to communicate and interact with partners. Finally, delegates are encouraged to interact with participants in the Showcase as it is part of the JDC West scorecard, meaning that their interaction with you is recognized.

Cost to Participate: $1,500

What You Get:

  • Opportunity to interact with 650+ future business leaders

  • Website recognition as a partner

  • Table and two chairs

  • Complimentary lunch and refreshments on both days

  • A sincere thank you from the Organizing Committee and delegates. Your participation in this event is significant to the success of JDC West 2020


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Jon Stricker, VP of Corporate Relations

Kelsie Rock, Director of Corporate Relations

Kira Novak, Director of Corporate Relations

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