We will see you all in January!


Since 2006, JDC West Volunteers have played a crucial role in bringing the competition to life.

As 12 amazing universities from across Western Canada come to Burnaby to compete, support Simon Fraser University (SFU) as it hosts JDC West in January 2019!

Now it’s your turn! We are hiring to help make the event a success! If you’re interested, check out the information below!


There are a variety of shift times for all JDC West volunteers. Of the shifts available, the Early Shifts starting between 3AM – 7:30AM are most difficult due to limited transportation services. To show our appreciation for these volunteers, we have launched an early shift referral program which is summarized below:

Early Shift Start Times Referrer Amount Early Shift Volunteer Amount
3am $20/shift $20/shift completed
6am $10/shift $10/shift completed
7am $5/shift $5/shift completed

“Referrer” = the person persuading another individual to volunteer for an early shift.
As a Referrer, you will receive a Starbucks gift card for the allotted amounts above according to the number of shifts your Early Shift Volunteer completes. There is no maximum limit on the number of referrals any Referrer can make.

“Early Shift Volunteer” = the person who has applied to be a volunteer, has been successful in receiving an offer, and has been assigned to an early shift start time.
As an Early Shift Volunteer, you will receive a Starbucks gift card for the allotted amounts above according to the number of early shifts you are assigned. All Early Shift volunteers can also be a Referrer and are eligible for referral amounts for both.


For Referrers:

  • The Referrer must be an SFU student, alumni or a member of the JDC West 2019 Organizing Committee.  
  • The Referrer must ensure that applicants who have heard about the opportunity through them indicate the Referrers name in the application form. If the Referrer’s name was not indicated, the Referrer is not eligible to claim the referral bonus.
  • The Referrer does not need to volunteer in order to be eligible to receive the gift card.

For Early Shift Volunteers:

In order to volunteer, the individual must be eligible as per our volunteer eligibility guidelines:

You may apply to volunteer for the JDC West Hosting team as long as you are not affiliated with any competing teams. “Affiliation” includes judging, coaching, volunteering, attending and donating to the team’s charity causes, volunteering for Chillin’ for Charity by being dunked, being part of the executive team, or participating/facilitating programming offered by the team.

Additionally, if an individual applies but does not receive an offer or is directed to another shift time, they and their Referrer will not be eligible for the amounts listed above.

*Please note: this referral program is only applicable to those referring or volunteering for an Early Shift start time. The Referrer and Early Shift volunteer cannot be the same individual.


Mavis asked Katy if she was interested in volunteering for an early shift at JDC West 2019. Katy signed up for two 4am shifts. She will receive two $20 Starbucks cards, for a total of $40. Mavis will also receive $40 as a benefit for referring.


Gift cards will be distributed within 3 weeks after competition is over. Pickup locations will be announced via email to those who are qualified.  

  • Requirements

    Volunteer Requirements

    Do you have a positive, can-do attitude?
    Can you adapt to different situations and solve problems under pressure?
    Are you willing to go the extra mile to make sure all delegates have a great experience?

    If you said “yes!” to all of the questions above, then you are the volunteer we are looking for! We are recruiting for volunteers from different backgrounds and faculties who are able to:

    Stay organized and be detail oriented
    Communicate verbally in a professional manner
    Manage a schedule and prioritize tasks
    Solve problems in a time sensitive environment under pressure
    Work independently while also as a team player
    Take ownership and responsibility of duties

    We are primarily recruiting individuals who are students at Simon Fraser University or based in the Lower Mainland to volunteer. If you are coming from out of town and interested in volunteering at JDC West, please email us at volunteers@jdcwest.com.

  • Why Volunteer

    Why Volunteer?
    As a volunteer, you will be provided with the following:
    • Official JDC West 2019 Volunteer T-Shirt
    • Food and snacks during volunteer shifts
    • Reference letter acknowledging your support in helping us execute JDC West 2019
    Additionally, you will be able to:
    • Gain experience in supporting and executing a high scale event
    • Meet other volunteers from different backgrounds
    • Understand the behind-the-scene-operations of a large-scale, multi-faceted event

  • Commitment

    Volunteer Commitment

    All volunteers are required to participate in the following mandatory areas:

    Attend general and position-specific training (specific dates to be announced)
    Volunteer at the SFU Burnaby campus or the Hilton Hotel during the competition weekend on January 11-13, 2019

    Shift Times: Volunteer shifts times will vary depending on the portfolio due to different start and end times. Applications forms will ask applicants for preferences in an early or later shift.

    For those volunteering at the SFU Burnaby campus, some positions may be required to be on campus as early as 6AM or as late as 11PM
    For those volunteering at the Hilton Hotel, some positions may be required to be on site as early as 12PM or late as 12AM.

    Shift Duration

    All volunteers should be made available for at least an 8-hour shift on one of the competition dates (January 11,12, or 13). Priority will be given to applicants who are able to volunteer for all three days.

  • Application Process

    Recruitment Waves for Portfolios

    Wave 1 (June) – Volunteer Supervisors
    Wave 2 (September 11-25) – Team Ambassadors, Tech Support, Timekeepers, Scorekeepers, Referees
    Wave 3 (October 1-14) – Check-in, Wayfinders, Runners, Timekeepers, Referees, Presentation Facilitator, Event Ushers, Observer Pass Sales Volunteers

    Application and Interview Method

    A form will be made available on the JDC West website at the start of each wave specifying the position to be recruited for. Please note that volunteer positions are filled on a first come first serve basis as we will be recruiting on a rolling basis.

    All interested candidates should submit a response to the form to be considered.
    Once an application has been submitted, it will be reviewed by the HR Portfolio and depending on your application and previous experiences, you may be asked to do a phone interview with a member of the HR team.
    Only successful applicants will be contacted for an interview.
    Interviews will take place on a rolling basis once applications are received and the recruitment period will end when all positions have been filled.

  • Timeline


    Date Key Activity
    June Wave 1 applications released
    July Interview and training for Wave 1 applicants
    September 11-25 Wave 2 applications released
    Ongoing interviews with Wave 2 applicants
    October 13 Training for Wave 2 applicants
    October 1-14 Wave 3 applications released
    Ongoing interviews with Wave 3 applicants
    November 3, 4, 10, or 11 Training for Wave 3 applicants
    January 5 or 6 Pre-Competition Training for all Volunteers
    January 11-13, 2019 Volunteer at JDC West 2019


    *Please note that all of the training sessions will be taking place at the SFU, primarily at the Burnaby Campus. Specific details about training times will be provided to successful candidates through email.



  • Wave 1 (June)

    Volunteer Supervisor [FILLED]

    Do you have proven leadership skills and love to work in a fast-paced environment? Volunteer Supervisors provide guidance and assistance to all volunteers while supporting the OC with the execution of the competition and events.

  • Wave 2 (September)

    Team Ambassadors [FILLED]

    Do you know our city and school, and want to help showcase it to competitors?

    Team Ambassadors welcome and support one of Western Canada’s top business school’s delegation of 52 people by introducing them to SFU Burnaby campus and the City of Burnaby, answering questions, and providing directions throughout the competition weekend.

    Tech Support [FILLED]

    Can you troubleshoot tech issues under pressure to keep our events running smoothly? Tech Support volunteers support the IT team with setup and help resolve any problems related to technology in areas such as computers, projectors, and Microsoft suite to ensure delegates have a seamless competition experience.

    Athletics Timekeepers [FILLED]

    Are you passionate about sports and able to follow fast-paced games? Timekeepers are responsible for timing sports games and supporting the scorekeepers and referees.

    Athletics Referees

    Do you have previous referee experience and know when to make quick decisions to enforce the rules of the sport? Referees officiate gameplay and make fair and informed decisions to maintain the standards of play.

    Athletics Scorekeepers [FILLED]

    Can you keep up with intense games and record scores accurately? Scorekeepers support referees by monitoring sports games and recording scores according to team performance and referee input. Scores are used to determine tournament brackets and competition performance.

  • Wave 3 (October 1-14)

    Check-In [FILLED]

    Are you an energetic and detail-oriented person who can welcome any guest to the competition? Check-in volunteers collect information from delegates, observers, or sponsors to record their attendance.

    Runners [FILLED]

    Do you know your way around the SFU Burnaby campus? Runners are responsible for guiding delegates and observers through SFU at various stages of the competition.

    Wayfinders [FILLED]

    Do you know the ins and outs of our school and can give clear navigation instructions? Wayfinders provide support by answering questions and providing directions to individuals or large groups of delegates, sponsors, and observers.

    Presentation Timekeeper [FILLED]

    Can you juggle multiple tasks while staying cool under pressure? Timekeepers play the critical role of timing presentations, showing time cards at specific intervals, and notifying presenters when the time is up.

    Social Referees [FILLED]

    Do you have what it takes to embody the spirit of the competition?  Social Referees support the set-up and takedown of the Amazing Race/Big Brother style challenges and assess each team’s performance during the challenges.

    Presentation Facilitator [FILLED]

    Are you an excellent host who can take charge to keep us on schedule? Presentation Facilitators moderate the presentation rooms to ensure that competition rules are being followed while keeping presentations running smoothly.

    Event Ushers [FILLED]

    Are you passionate about hosting events and want to help create an unforgettable weekend? Event Ushers guide teams, sponsors, and observers at the Hilton Hotel as well as the Vancouver Convention Centre to various events while supporting the set-up, takedown, and overall execution of events.

    Observer Pass Sales Volunteers [FILLED]

    Do you have an interest in sales and showcasing the competition to our guests? Observer Pass Sales Volunteers are responsible for issuing observer passes by collecting information and handling cash.