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January 12-14, 2018

  • Academic

    Do you have a passion for strategic analysis and business innovation? Do you want to experience the “behind the scenes” operations of running a business case competition? Then being an academic volunteer is the role for you! Through this role, you will assist in various stages of the academic delegate journey and ensure they have a seamless and enjoyable experience. Various roles include directing delegates to various locations, ensuring delegate needs are taken care of, and managing delegate presentations in a timely and effective manner. You will take on an essential leadership role in allowing delegates to create innovative and diverse business solutions at JDC West 2018!

    Check-in – This is one of the most important aspects of the competition and is vital for keeping track of team’s scores. You will have to be diligent with recording all the stats and then submitting them where needed.

  • Athletics

    Were you the star of your high school sports team? Or maybe you just preferred cheering from the sidelines? Do you have a passion for all types of sports including Quidditch and Tchoukball? Then athletics is the place for you! We need volunteers passionate about athletics to be: referees, timekeepers, scorekeepers, and people to help with check in and set up.

  • Debate

    Are you a news junkie? Do you love to argue with your friends about current events? Want to learn more about the world? See some of the best debaters in Western Canada in action as they debate the most heated issues in Canada today. The debate competition will take place over two days and we are looking for timers, runners, and individuals to help check in our delegates who will exclusively deal with the debate competition.

  • Social

    Social volunteers are the spirit of the competition. As a social volunteer you will be in direct contact with the social teams from each school and will be involved in setting up and judging competitors’ crazy competitions and costumes. These volunteers will get to help organize Amazing Race, Big Brother style challenges and travel around Calgary with the social teams during competition weekend.  Be ready to participate in a weekend full of cheering!

  • Events

    Are you creative? Are you a planner? Bounce around with positive energy?  Love a good party? If so, then come volunteer with the Events Portfolio! This is a great opportunity to put all your skills to work and be involved with the first JDC West competition in Calgary. You will be exposed to an energetic environment and people from different Western business schools. As an events volunteer you will  be responsible of setting up, taking down, guiding people to areas, grabbing props for schools and making decorations for Buffer Zone and Hospitality Suite. Here are the descriptions of the events and your potential role.


    Buffer Zone – Guiding schools into Buffer Zone and forming spirit tunnels. Helping DJ take down and clean up. You will also be making props for this event. Event Description: This is dance party with the competing business schools.
    Opening Ceremonies
    – Role: Guiding schools into opening ceremonies and forming spirit tunnels.
    Event Description: Introduction to all of the competing schools
    Swag Swap – Role: Help schools set up for swag swap!  If they need any assistance, they will come to you. Event Description: Teams will trade their swag with other schools.
    Hospitality Suites – Event Role: Supervising these events and making props for Sunday’s hospitality suite. Event Description: Three different themed night parties held at the Westin Hotel.
    Skit Night – Role: Guide schools to their designated area and backstage. Help teams get their equipment ready to go on stage. You will also help schools exit and clean up. Event Description: Teams will perform Fairytale themed skits.

  • Gala

    Who is ready to celebrate the amazing achievements of all the schools? Well look no further to the JDC West Gala, where everyone puts on their best to have an unforgettable night. This is where you get to help celebrate a great weekend of competition and comradery. We will be Setting-Up, Executing and Taking Down the Gala in one long awesome night.

    Erectors & Destructors – To set up for an amazing night and help with the take down afterwards, we need individuals who are quick, efficient and can take instruction well to align with the overall vision of the Gala. We will blast some music and turn the boring old ball room into a 1920’s inspired hall.
    Executioners – We need volunteers who will be able to attend the Gala in their finest dresses & suits and help put on the extravagant evening we have planned by assisting the VP Gala in numerous tasks throughout the night to ensure the Gala goes off without a hitch!

  • Marketing

    Are you creative? Are you witty? We are needing someone to bring the JDC West brand to life! We are looking for someone who will be able to capture JDC West with a fun twist!

    Social Media Guru – Are you familiar with where JDC West interacts with our delegates? Do you have an amazing social media presence? Do you get witty with your responses? We are looking for someone to control and engage with our teams over the weekend! (JDC West is on FB, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat)
    – Do you have a DSLR or a really good camera? We are looking for people who can be at the competition to take some amazing pictures! You will be able to see the whole competition from the events to the cases to gala! This will be a good opportunity for you to showcase your work to thousands of people.
    Logistics – The competition can’t run without the help of little details. This volunteer would go around making sure the signs are all up and that the flow of directions are all correct. This volunteer would also make sure all of our promotional materials, swag, delegate manuals, etc are all set and ready to go!

  • Corporate Relations

    We’re looking for volunteers to help set up and run our events with community partners during the weekend. These volunteers will help representatives get set up, help them with any requests and will serve as a check in point for participants at the Corporate Showcase and the Partner Appreciation Dinner. The only requirements for these volunteers is a smile and a willingness to connect with new people in a professional setting.

    Suit Up! – This is one of those times where Barney Stinson’s majestic catchphrases applies. For the Corporate Showcase and Appreciation Dinner we will need all you finely dressed ladies and gentlemen to assist with corporates, setup/take down events and be on hand if other needs arise. These individuals must also be competent at social interactions in a professional setting.
    Corporate Bouncer – Finally, we will need people to run a VIP Welcome Station on Campus. Those volunteer’s responsibilities would be to maintain energetic and friendly attitudes while letting people into the proper events.

  • Logistics

    Logistics is the glue that holds the competition together. A position in the Logistics portfolio gives you the ability to help with the nitty-gritty details of the weekend. Be a part of a team that is involved with directing everyone. Being a part of this portfolio gives volunteers great opportunities to meet new people from other schools, bump shoulders with sponsors and alumni, and learn about JDC West. As a volunteer you must be able to deal with large groups of people and know your way around the City of Calgary.

  • Human Resources
  • Hotel Relations

    Come on over to help out with hotel relations if you are interested in being the first point of contact for delegates! We will be getting the delegates off their busses and moved into the hotel. Delegates will be arriving in big groups, and will need help both unloading their luggage and finding their way around.

    Muscle Men & Women – With the large quantity of people showing up we need reliable and relatively strong people to safely move competitors belongings to and from their rooms.
    Lighthouse of the Hotel – People will be arriving and be excited which will make hectic. So we need you to calm the masses and help provide guidance to those who have lost their way

  • IT

    Recording Presentations – Since we want the competition to be an all encompassing event we will be recording as many presentations as possible. This will include recording video and operating the memory card to be uploaded for people all across Western Canada.
    Tech Support – This will be a group of tech savvy individuals tasked with fixing and solving almost all technology issues that arise during the competition. This would include laptop repair, camera and volunteer laptop troubleshooting, projector troubleshooting, and general technology support.