“We bring together business professionals in a multi-faceted event that promotes personal growth through team success and failure.”


“We invite leaders to create a business community that makes a difference in the world.”

JDC West is the most prestigious undergraduate business competition in Western Canada. The competition is a three-day event that showcases academics, athletics, debate, and an out-of-the-box social competition. This event hosts approximately 1,300 attendees with 650 undergraduate delegates from twelve of the premier post-secondary institutions across British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba. Annually, JDC West requires the support of almost 400 volunteers and dozens of professional partners to make this elaborate, multi-faceted competition possible.



There are 10 core Academic Competitions. Each competition has 3 students from each team participate. In each case, competition participants have a fixed amount of time to review the facts and prepare before presenting to the industry judges and experts. Current academic events for JDC West are:

Accounting, Business Strategy, Entrepreneurship, Finance, Human Resource Management, International Business, Business Technology, Marketing, Not-for-Profit Business Strategy, and Operations Management.



Each debate team has 4 students. They are given 30 minutes to review the proposal and come up with their constructive arguments around the proposed resolution. As it is in parliamentary style, one team is designated Team Government and the other Team Opposition. Resolutions range across multiple disciplines affecting the Canadian landscape, including current economic, social, and political issues.



The hosting school chooses the sports each year. These 8 person teams include both male and female competitors.

2006: Indoor Soccer (Futsol)
2007: Handball
2008: Dodgeball
2009: Volleyball, West coast Kickball, Inner-tube Water Polo, Relay (6 X 200)
2010: Indoor Soccer played on two 190 x 90’ fields on FIFA sanctioned Polytan artificial turf
2011: Inner-Tube Water Basketball & Ultimate Frisbee
2012: Flag Football & Yukigassen
2013: Doctor Dodgeball & Netball
2014: Floor Hockey & Tchouckball
2015: European Handball & Schtick Disc
2016: Floor Ringette & Dodgeball
2017: Korfball & DBL Ball
2018: Tchouckball & Quidditch
2019: D-Hoops & Tsegball
2020: Boccer & Circle Rules Football



Teams bring together the most ambitious, spirited JDC West competitors in a unique multi-faceted and strategic event that promotes personal and team growth, through tests of perseverance and adaptability. Each social team has 4 students – two males and two females. These competitors are on-call for ten social challenges to be completed in less than 48 hours at any time of day or night. These entertaining challenges are known to include athletic, spirit, and food competitions. The social competition encourages networking, innovation and creativity.

Community Involvement

JDC West is committed to giving back to communities across the country. Every year, the community involvement competition encourages school teams to log volunteer hours and raise money for charitable organizations by working with external organizations and through our annual Chillin’ For Charity event.

$ 345,138


13,395 HOURS


JDC West Vision 2025

In 2015, JDC West celebrated its first 10 years. As a community, we have created a vision for the next 10 years of JDC West that is guided by our vision and our mission, founded on our core values, and driven by four strategic pillars: Relationships, Development, Difference Makers, and Agility.

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