We Want You!

Do you have a positive, can-do attitude?

Are you passionate about community involvement?

Are you resilient under pressure and able to adapt to new experiences?

Do you want to contribute to the growth and reputation of one of the most prestigious university competitions in Western Canada?

Are you willing to go the extra mile to make sure delegates and attendees have a great experience?

If you said “yes!” to any of the questions above, then you are the volunteer we are looking for!

Whether your background is student, alumni, past competitor, faculty, or community member, we invite you to join a truly unforgettable and unique volunteer experience that is inclusive, fun and purposeful.

Interested in volunteering at JDC West, but looking for more information first? Please email us at volunteers@jdcwest.com or click the button below to fill out our Volunteer Application.


Volunteer Opportunities Available

Why Volunteer?

As a volunteer, you will be able to:

  • Gain experience in supporting and executing one of the most prestigious university competitions in Western Canada

  • Attend exclusive volunteer social events and meet other volunteers from different backgrounds

  • Understand the behind-the-scenes-operations of a large-scale, multi-faceted, half-million dollar event

Additionally, you will be provided with:

  • Official JDC West 2020 Volunteer T-shirt

  • Volunteer Swag

  • Reference letter acknowledging your support in helping us execute JDC West 2020

Commitment Level

All volunteers are required to participate in the following mandatory areas:


Attend a minimum of two training sessions on November 23 or 24 and January 11 or 12. Positions such as Athletics, Social, Coordinators, Ambassadors may be expected to attend additional training as needed.


Volunteer at the U of R campus or the Delta Hotel during the competition weekend on January 17-19, 2020.


Be available for at least one 6 hour shift. Priority will be given to applicants who are available to volunteer multiple shifts/days.

Interested in volunteering at JDC West, but have questions about commitment level? Please email us at volunteers@jdcwest.com.

Recruitment Waves

Click on a wave below to learn more about the positions being hired.

Wave 2: October 2019

Check-in, Wayfinders, Runners, Presentation Facilitator, Presentation Timekeepers, Event Ushers, Tech Support

  • Wave 1

    Team Ambassador
    (Positions Filled)

    Do you know the city and school, and want to showcase it to competitors?
    Team Ambassadors welcome and support one of Western Canada’s top business school’s delegation of 50 people by introducing them to the U of R campus, Delta Hotel, and vibrant downtown area of Regina by answering questions and providing directions throughout the competition weekend.

  • Wave 1

    Social Referee
    (Positions Filled)

    Do you have what it takes to embody the spirit of the competition?
    Social Referees support the planning, set-up and takedown of the Amazing Race/Big Brother style challenges and assess each team’s performance during the challenges.

    Wave 1

  • Wave 1

    Athletics Timekeeper
    (Positions Filled)

    Are you passionate about sports and able to follow fast-paced games?
    Timekeepers are responsible for timing sports games and supporting the scorekeepers and referees.

  • Wave 1

    Athletics Referee
    (Positions Filled)

    Do you have previous referee experience and know when to make quick decisions to enforce the rules of the sport?
    Referees officiate game play and make fair and informed decisions to maintain the standards of play.

    Wave 1

  • Wave 1

    Athletics Scorekeeper
    (Positions Filled)

    Can you keep up with intense games and record scores accurately?
    Scorekeepers support referees by monitoring sports games and recording scores according to team performance and referee input. Scores are used to determine tournament brackets and competition performance.

  • Wave 2


    Are you an energetic and detail-oriented person who can welcome any guest to the competition?
    Check-in volunteers collect information from delegates, observers, or sponsors to record their attendance and may administer observer passes and handle cash.

  • Wave 2


    Do you know your way around the U of R campus?
    Runners are responsible for guiding delegates and observers through the campus at various stages of the competition.

    Wave 2

  • Wave 2


    Do you know the ins and outs of our school and can give clear navigation instructions?
    Wayfinders provide support by answering questions and providing directions to individuals or large groups of delegates, sponsors, and observers.

  • Wave 2

    Presentation Timekeeper

    Can you juggle multiple tasks while staying cool under pressure?
    Timekeepers play the critical role of timing presentations, showing time cards at specific intervals, and notifying presenters when the time is up.

    Wave 2

  • Wave 2

    Presentation Facilitator

    Are you an excellent host who can take charge to keep us on schedule?
    Presentation Facilitators moderate the presentation rooms to ensure that competition rules are being followed while keeping presentations running smoothly.

  • Wave 2

    Event Usher

    Are you passionate about hosting events and want to help create an unforgettable weekend?
    Event Ushers guide teams, sponsors, and observers at the Delta Hotel to various events while supporting the set-up, takedown, and overall execution of events.

    Wave 2

  • Wave 2

    Tech Support

    Can you troubleshoot tech issues under pressure to keep our events running smoothly?
    Join the IT team by supporting setup and help resolve any problems related to technology in areas such as computers, projectors, and Microsoft suite to ensure delegates have a seamless competition experience.

Application & Interview Method

A form will be made available on the JDC West website and JDC West social media channels at the start of each wave specifying the positions available.
Please note that volunteer positions are filled on a first come first serve basis and by level of commitment.


All interested candidates should submit a response to the form to be considered.


Once an application has been submitted, it will be reviewed by the HR Portfolio and depending on your application and previous experiences, you may be asked to do a short phone interview with a member of the HR team.


Interviews will take place on a rolling basis once applications are received and the recruitment period will end when all positions have been filled.

Overall Schedule

AUGUSTWave 1 applications released August 27th
OCTOBERInterview and staff Wave 1 applicants
OCTOBERWave 2 applications released
NOVEMBERInterview and staff Wave 2 applicants
NOVEMBER 23rd or 24thFirst training for all applicants
JANUARY 11th or 12thSecond training for all applicants
JANUARY 17th – 19th, 2020Volunteer at JDC West 2020

*Please note that all of the training sessions will be taking place at the U of R. Specific details about training times will be provided to successful candidates through email.

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